8 Different Ideas for Scarf Tying Patterns

Jul 25, 2022

8 Different Ideas for Scarf Tying Patterns

Scarves are among the most frequently used accessories today. They attract a lot of attention. These products, which are at the heart of the ever-developing fashion industry, have been making a name for themselves with their different lacing styles lately. You can continue reading our article to get more detailed information about scarf tying models! Here are tips on scarf styles with wonderful details…

1. Pointed Scarf Tying Model
If your face has a round shape, tying the front of your scarf a little tapering will allow you to have more characteristic facial features. You should definitely use scarf needles in this model, which is frequently seen among the scarf tying models. Insert the needle into the crown area in the middle of your scarf; In this way, you will definitely have a more pointed scarf look.

2. Wide Scarf Tie Model
One of the first models that come to mind when scarf tying models are mentioned is the wide scarf tying style. It would be beneficial to try this method on behalf of women who want to tie their scarf in a large form because it is suitable for hijab.

If you have a small face, we recommend keeping the front of your scarf as oval as possible. When you attach your oval scarf needle, fix one of the end areas of your scarf with a needle to your collar located diagonally. You can apply this method by adding the exposed end to your other cross collar.

3. Shawl Scarf Binding Model
One of the most popular scarf tying models is the shawl scarf tying model. In this style of scarf tying, you should match your scarf as much as possible so that the ends touch each other. You should wear a bonnet in this style, which directly shortens the length of the scarf, and put your scarf on your head.

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You need to attach the needle to your neck area and fold your scarf from the sides a little towards your cheeks. After wrapping the shorter end of your scarf around your neck and tying it with the other scarf, your scarf tying model is ready.

4. The Modern Scarf Tying Model
One of the prominent styles in scarf tying models is the modern scarf tying style. First you have to wear a cap. Then you need to place your scarf on it nicely. Pin from the lower part of your neck as well.

Adjust one end of your scarf properly and tie the other end together behind your neck. When you tie your scarf in this way, your face will look much more oval than it is. We strongly recommend that you try this method.

5. Cross Scarf Tie Model
Cross scarf tying style is undoubtedly one of the most functional scarf tying models. Put on the bonnet to cover your shawl, then wrap it around your neck like a scarf. Do a pinning process on your bonnet as well as standing in a cross form. First, take your shawl a little from the right to the left and pin it to your head.

After applying pinning to the bonnet in a diagonal form, at most 4 times, leave the remaining shawl wide to the right and left. Pin the piece in the right part to the left part with a wide movement. You may find it difficult when you first apply this model, but as you get used to it, it will be easy to do, you will see.

6. Scarf Tying Model with Scarf Accessories
Today, the development dynamic of the fashion industry is quite high. For this reason, we can say that in addition to different scarf tying styles, scarf accessories continue to attract attention. This style is the most unusual among the scarf tying models. It is a scarf model that you can combine with evening dresses, especially in elegant invitations.

After tying your scarf in the style you want, you should carefully place the scarf accessory on the upper part. Keep fixing the accessory until you get a neat look. You can often use these accessories to create an assertive and extremely confident style. Moreover, there are many different types of scarf ornaments. You can choose any of the options you want.

7. The Model of Tying the Scarf with the Neck Exposed
We will touch on another type of style that has been popular for the last few years among scarf tying models. The form of tying the scarf, which leaves the neck area exposed, is loved and used by many women. We definitely recommend using a wide and long scarf when creating this scarf tying model. Only in this way can you achieve a neat scarf look.

Turn the front of your scarf so that it is diagonally. Wrap the other parts around your head as if collecting your hair. The only difference in this model, which is similar to the modern scarf tying model, is that the neck area is exposed. If you wish, you can attach a few pins to the diagonal middle knot. Thus, you will not encounter any slipping problem.