It Became a Useful Part of the Hijab Combine: Wholesale Medina Silk Shawl features

Jan 19, 2021

It Became a Useful Part of the Hijab Combine: Wholesale Medina Silk Shawl features
It Became a Useful Part of the Hijab Combine: Wholesale Medina Silk Shawl features

Becomes a Useful Part of the Hijab Combi:

Wholesale Medina Silk Shawl Features

Different fabrics are used according to the seasons in the production of headscarves. In the trends of the season, medina silk stands out in shawls and scarves. Especially in the last seasons, the medina silk shawls are an indispensable part of the hijab combination.

Medina silk shawls are easy to use for special occasions and daily combinations. Although the hijab combination options change every season, some pieces continue to keep their place in the wardrobes. Among the shawls, cotton and silk shawls are the most remarkable ones, but medina silk shawls are indispensable for the last season.


Basic products are among the remarkable pieces in hijab combinations in recent years. The color harmony between these products also stands out. Fabric harmony is very important in hijab combination. For example, wearing a cotton shawl over an evening dress can spoil the pleasant look. Medine silk shawl became the most preferred hijab evening dress combinations, which are also the most difficult for women who prefer measured clothing.

Sports fabrics do not seem to be used with classic fabrics, but medina silk appears as an indispensable piece for the hijab combination, which can be used with many fabrics.


Medine silk shawls, which stand out with tunics, dresses, outerwear pieces, which are among the restrained clothing pieces of hijab fashion, are produced in the most beautiful colors. Medina silk shawl, whose fabric is more cottony than silk shawl, is also similar to crepe fabric. Crepe fabric is a thinner and slippery fabric. Medina silk shawls are a thicker and durable fabric than crepe fabric, but thinner than abaya fabric. Although Medina silk fabric is thought to be an imported product due to its name; medina silk fabric is a product of domestic production.

Medine silk shawls, which are also preferred in the summer months, are seen as an indispensable piece for the hijab combination. The medina silk shawl, which does not sweat in the summer, does not show the interior and is easy to tie. Medina silk shawl models have a very wide scale.

Among the features of Medina silk shawl, it is remarkable that it is soft, as well as having a wide color scale. Also, medina silk fabric keeps pleasant smells such as perfume in the fabric for longer.


Shawls and scarves produced with Medina silk fabric generally have a patternless appearance. The one-color scarves provide an impressive appearance with evening dresses as well as daily combinations. Medina silk scarf provides metered clothing standards in hijab combination. The medina silk scarf that falls down to the shoulders is easy to use.

Medina silk shawl will continue to be indispensable for your hijab combinations. Medina silk shawls, one of the indispensable parts of Qras studio, can be preferred with different fabrics such as linen, denim, evening dresses and provide a great look for the hijab combination.