New design Turkish hijab

Sep 27, 2019

New design Turkish hijab
New design Turkish hijab is available.
There are a million ways to wear head scarves. Wrap it around, wear it loose, or emphasize a high bun underneath – the possibilities to keep your look fresh without risking immodesty are boundless.
And it does not need to stop there! Pair up your different scarves and wearing styles with a variety of accessories to add a little personality to your daily. No, we’re not just talking about the usual pins and magnets. We’re talking about a whole slew of other things that you can add to your outfits to match your head scarves. We’ve listed out 5 accessories that you can mix and match with your scarves. You can find turkish hijab from our website.
The Top 5 Accessories To Match With Your Turkish Hijab

  1. Turkish hijab: Keeping your scarves in place is not just the job of your usual brooches and pins. You can use specialty headbands like lace elastic bands, ribbon-covered plastic headbands, or applique headbands. It can even be something as simple as a plastic band in a contrasting color to break the monotonous layers of head scarves. It does not need to be elaborate or too attention-grabbing. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or too inflexible for your own comfort.
  2. Sunglasses – Trust us when we say, there are sunglasses out there to match your every scarf. Instead of just picking out the same shades over and over again, why not make an effort to mix and match them with your head scarves? Oversized shades with minimal animal print trimmings are perfect with your plain black head scarf. Dark wayfarers make for the perfect partner for a monochromatic outfit. The thing to remember about matching your shades to your scarves applies elsewhere in fashion: avoid too much of the same thing, and never have too much of completely opposite things.
  3. Another scarf. Remember when a shirt underneath tank top was all the teenage rave? Or how about all the skater boys and skater girls still wearing the shirt-on-sweater look and still looking as trendy as they did in the 2000s? This same layering principle can be applied to your headscarves as well. Add an infinity scarf under your hijab, hang one loosely over your shoulder, or drape one over your top. You can pick a print under your plain-colored head scarf, or use contrasting textures – like knitted scarves under your silk head scarves for instance. You can find turkish hijab from our website.

These top accessories can bring your head scarf fashion to the next level, without looking vulgar. Which ones are you most excited to try?
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