New season Turkish hijab

Sep 27, 2019

New season Turkish hijab
New season Turkish hijab has released the top colors to choose from for autumn of 2020. Here are the colors that you should be part of your head scarf palette for this season! You can find colors on website.
Turkish hijab basic colors:
  • Marsala – Marsala was, of course, declared as the official color of 2020. And it is only right that it should appear on this list. But marsala looks best for fall and the winter months because they give just enough pop of color to counter the gloominess of the season without exactly looking like a surplus from summer. Marsala silk head scarves or marsala-patterns will look great with your nude outfits or even with your light yellows, bland oranges, and different shades of autumn greens.
  • Purples – Purples are always befitting the colors of the fall season. Like the marsala, they have the right amount of “color pop” but without being too loud. It is the perfect head scarf color for the balance of blending in without getting lost in the background. Wear with your whites for a stark contrast, or work with some very light pink/old rose.
  • Old rose – Autumn has a very nostalgic feel about it. What better to represent this sweet season than with old rose? This classic shade has the power to make you reminisce about bittersweet memories: pink enough to be sweet muted down just right to show some low emotions.
  • Nude with pops of red and yellow patterns – this color combo looks perfectly well on silk scarves. They look classic and classy, and are the perfect scarves to go with your power dressing #OOTDs. They also have just the right autumn contrast for the bleak-colored trench coats you’re expected to wear for the rest of the season.
  • Dark shades of teal – It’s the gloomier version of one of spring’s favorite shades: teal. Teal looks great with all the nudes and greys that will dominate your outfits for the season. Like all the other colors on this list, dark teal has all the perfect balance of color and gloom to blend in with the season. Teal is also a great color to layer with black as well as white accessories.
  • Pale/Blush Blue – for times when you don’t want to look to gloomy for autumn, a pale blush blue head scarf will tone down your light grey outfits. They are also the perfect background for when you want to add brightly colored accents. That red floral headband? Sits well with this color. The rhinestone hijab pin? It’s going to brightly pop off the blue scarf.
  • Cream – cream is actually good for any season. It exudes class and timelessness, delicateness and modesty. Cream is a little tricky to wear though; with the wrong combo it can easily go from classic to granny. When going for cream, add a bit of contrast with some dark reds or even subtle browns.
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