Turkey hijab company

Sep 27, 2019

Turkey hijab company
Turkey hijab company:

PRODUCT NAME Plain and versatile square supplier
SIZE 100x200cm
COLOR As your requirements(ex. BLACK BLUE GREEN PINK…)
PACKAGE 1pcs/opp bag ,other package as customer required
SHIPMENT PORT Istanbul, Turkey
PAYMENT TERM 30% deposit,70% balance before shipment by air or express
30% deposit,70% balance against copy of BL by sea
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES Silk fabric, soft and smooth, light and delicate. The silk surface is smooth and smooth, with a natural drape, neither light nor heavy. The colors are varied and easy to match.

Cleaning method Turkey Hijab:

1. Avoid alkaline detergents. Use neutral or silk special detergent and dissolve into hot soap with hot water.
2. Wash with warm water, not suitable for long time soaking.
3. Flick and slap, avoid rubbing with a hard brush or rubbing on a washboard, do not twist or expose.
4. Should be dry, avoid sun exposure, should not be dried.
5. Some silk fabrics should be dry cleaned.
6. Dark silk fabric should be rinsed with water to avoid fading.
7. Wash separately from other clothing.
8. The color fastness of silk clothing is very poor. After sun exposure, it will fade and white when washed. When it is stained, it will be easy to appear white. White block treatment: Put the clothes into 3% ice vinegar solution to level dye, level dye Stir the clothes with your hands, or use white vinegar, silk clothes to disable soap or washing powder, washing detergent, apply neutral detergent.
Using Turkey hijab:
  • Contrast is your best friend. Whether it’s with the colors of your head scarves, the patterns, textures, or against the rest of your outfit, contrast is your layering best friend. It will help you avoid the stuffy, overdone look and will create the perfectly balanced compliment.
  • Balance is key. If you’re wearing the heavy, structured messy kind of layering with your head scarves, keep it simple at the bottom. Too many layers on all places defeat the purpose of highlighting one special part of your outfit. Avoid layering on your scarves if you already got a lot of stuff going on with your clothes.
  • Try monochromes. Layering with similarly colored items may defect the purpose of showing depth and would just make you look like one huge color block; but changing up shades of the same color could make all the difference. How about a very dark shade of grey underneath a lighter grey? Or a really bright orange underneath a muted, pale one?
  • Layer the style of wearing. Clean wrap over a hair bonnet? Cute! Messy bun scarf over a clean bonnet? Definitely edgy! Scarf wrapped over the shoulders with a sideways bun on the side? Fashion forward! Try out your different layering options to see what works best for you!
  • Add a pop of color to a monochromatic look! Sometimes, it’s the small ones that make the most impact. A brightly colored inner-scarf layer would be the perfect accent to break the monotony of an all-black outfit and a black outer scarf layer. Or a printed inter scarf would be all the accentuation you need to bring life to a nude ensemble. Coordinate your “pop of color” with the other elements of your outfit like your shoes or some accessories to make it more noticeable.
  • Do not over-accessorize. Make your layered head scarves the focal point of your whole outfit. There’s already so much going on with your colors and patterns and textures that accessories would be left unnoticed. The unnecessary accessories could also create more “noise” into your whole look and risk looking unattractive. Keep the accessories simple and save the rest for another day.