Which Scarf Types Should Be Used in Winter?

Oct 31, 2022

The most distinctive feature of the types of fabric that should be used in winter is undoubtedly that it should keep warm. In order to keep a scarf warm, the type of fabric; It should have a feature that is frequently woven in terms of structure, the yarn used in the fabric should be soft, the heat permeability should be high and it should take the temperature even more in harmony with the color. For this reason, scarf models made of combed cotton fabric can be used most in winter.

In addition to combed scarves, silk scarf models also show that the fabric texture is quite tight. Silk scarves, which have a tight fabric texture and leave an elegant feeling, are suitable for winter months because they want to feel both stylish and warm. Among the scarf types, there are also scarves made of poplin fabric, although it is less known. It can be said that the poplin fabric is thick in structure, has a soft touch and traps the warmth, and it can be said that the models that are very suitable for use in winter will be made of this fabric.

In addition to poplin fabric and other scarf fabrics; Scarves, which are produced only from cotton, with felt content or made from hairy weaving threads, are also fabrics that will adapt to the winter months. Each of the specified fabric types is one of the fabrics that can adapt to winter fashion in terms of color and model. For this reason, it is possible for people who want to buy scarves to find a wide range of options for themselves aesthetically. Although it is thought to be used in the winter months, there are some fabrics that are wrongly known.

In particular, linen fabric is seen as a savior for scarf users both in summer and winter. However, the texture of the linen fabric is not dense and it increases the air passage from outside to inside as a structure.

For this reason, it is possible to feel the cold air more and to have cold problems due to the head and neck parts. As a result, linen fabrics cannot be suitable for use in scarves in winter. In addition, the thin layer of cotton scarves will be contrary to the weather conditions of the winter months.