Wholesale chiffon scarf

Sep 13, 2019

Wholesale chiffon scarf
Wholesale Chiffon scarf
If you are tired and not into plain and boring scarves then you are into the right place. Because here at 1889's, we have beautiful, one of a kind and stylish fashion accessories and clothing items to choose from. So visit our website for all your fashion needs and clothing accessories.
The chic and very stylish Chiffon Hearts Print Scarf gives off a fun and funky vibe. Use it as a neck scarf to accessorize your jeans and shirts or as a shawl to keep you feeling warm and cosy while out on a date. It can also be used as a belt scarf to accentuate your figure or as a bag scarf to style your plain bags. Made of polyester, it is durable, quick drying and resistant to chemicals.

The unique and very elegant Gold Sheer Chiffon Checked Shawl is all about feeling glamorous.

Made of chiffon fabric, it has soft lightweight feel, has elastic quality and high quality retention capabilities. It can be used as a shawl, hijab, scarf to project a demure and feminine woman. It can also be used as an evening scarf while sitting beside the fireplace and reading a romantic book. Pair it off with dark coloured clothes to make it shine and stand out.