Wholesale Medina Silk

Jan 16, 2021

Wholesale Medina Silk
Wholesale Medina Silk Scarf Features
Recently, the most preferred wholesale Medina silk scarf models have a cotton-like fabric as a fabric. It is similar to crepe fabric, but it has no similarity with crepe fabric. Crepe fabric is a thinner slippery fabric, but wholesale medina silk fabric is a click thinner than the abaya fabrics we wear. Properties of wholesale Medina silk; Medina silk does not show the interior, is easy to tie, does not sweat in the summer, on the contrary, has a cooling effect, suitable for use in all seasons.
Generally, it is used as a large size scarf. Monochrome and dark colored fabrics are more preferred.
Wholesale Medine Silk Scarf is preferred as a solid color and oversized scarf. It drops down to the shoulders and is easy to use.