Since 1989

Found in 30 August 1989 in Turkiye, textile manufacturing started. Today, with our factory in Egypt we export 36 countries, 5 continents. Our textile factory give importance to innovation, modern, technological and nature-free production, quality understanding that is open to improvement and continuous improvement. It continues its activities in the context of real customer satisfaction realized with unconditional customer support service. In addition, Egypt Textile Inc. creates a sensitivity for the future of our country and the world with its effective and solution oriented environmental policies, social projects that it sees as a “responsibility” beyond necessity. With over 30 years of experience at manufacturing dresses Egypt's Turkey’s leading and pioneering brand is Egypt Textile Inc.

Egypt Textile Inc. is an accredited wholesale and private label dresses manufacturer in Egypt with +30 years of experience in delivering the finest quality of scarves with the fastest production periods and the most competitive prices in the market.

For us to provide the crème de la crème products your brand deserves, we have been merging the valuable expertise of our veteran chairman and ultramodern managing director and bringing their business practices into reality through out state-of-the-art Japanese Juki manufacturing machines managed by a team of movers and shakers who give their all for the pursuit of perfection of the outcome!

We are proudly
Made in EGYPT

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    Enjoy the comfort with the best quality Egypt fabrics.

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    Special fabrics and dresses for all seasons.

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